Incorrect OZZZI STAR Routing at KATL

The OZZZI 1 STAR for KATL is loading the routing for runways 8L/R when runway ILS 09L is selected. Correct routing should be from KILRR to FRYES yet loaded route in the FBW A320 is from KILRR to GAASS. Is this a limitation with the sim or something else?

sorry this is a sim bug in their in-game flight management system, which will be used by the WorldMap and all other aircrafts with default Garmin/FMC/S …

I have tried the same with the WT CJ4, which has implemented a own flight management system and here you see the correct flightpath. WT CJ4 is also using the Navdata from the sim but handles the terminal procedures much, much better than the original sim engine.

Here a screenshot from the WT CJ4 (leg page and ND):

Sorry for that - the data are correct and as you see, it´s the same path as on the charts … but works only with WT CJ4 or the Aerosoft CRJ - means with all addons/mods which are NOT using the in-game flight management system.


Thanks for researching and the quick reply.

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