Incorrect cargo and range A330-200

Good day all.
I am pretty new to Simbrief and firstly would like to thank you for this amazing tool.
I have created an air-frame based on the A330-200 using exact weights and other data as received from an airline owner and used that to plan a flight from FACT-EGSS.
Two things came to light when previewing the flight plan:

  1. I entered 11 for cargo and the WEIGHTS section in the plan indicates 40.5 as being the weights carried…
  2. The “DISP RMKS WARNING: FLIGHT TIME EXCEEDS AIRCRAFT RANGE” message appears for the same flight. The indicated range in the flight plan is 5487 nm. The A330-200 actually has a range of 7262 nm ( 13 450 KM) so I am bit confused about this…
    The flight ID for the flight In question is 1630932714 .
    Is there something I am doing wrong or is it a glitch?
    Appreciate any help on this.
    Best regards

Hi, welcome to the forums!

A few things are happening here, I’ll try to explain the best I can:

This is because you also customized the “ZFW” option. When the ZFW option is set, it will override any cargo figure you enter.

You can’t specify both, because the ZFW is by definition the empty weight + the payload. So when you enter a manual ZFW, SimBrief needs to calculate how much payload it takes to reach that ZFW, and use that. In this case, to achieve the ZFW you entered, it needed to load more cargo than you specified (40.5 instead of 11.0). If you want it to respect the cargo you entered instead, you’d need to leave the ZFW in “AUTO”.

I would double-check your custom airframe again. You have entered a max fuel capacity of 11802 kg, which is much too low for an A330. Probably you meant to enter 111802 or something closer to that.

Best regards,

Many thanks for the welcome and prompt and detailed reply to my query.
I think I am spending too much time on my computer :slight_smile: The cargo issue is now understood thanks and the range issue I should have picked up. I had entered an incorrect value in the spreadsheet I am using for this and never really checked it properly…
Really appreciate your time on thjs…

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