In-Game Panel - Rezising problem

thank you for this in game panel, which was a much needed add-on for VR users like me. I faced the following, when using the panel with the WT CJ4, I resized the panel a couple of time (zoomed in-out with the mouse wheel as well) and now the text and the text boxes are completely unreadable (too small). I cannot zoom the text anymore and the panel is now unusable. Is that a known issue and is there a way to workaround it without restarting the sim/reinstalling the in-game panel ?
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Hello Francesco!

The way that the scaling is implemented right now is kind of hacky, but there is no other way to do this due to things that are out of our control. Bearing this in mind, there is no good (known) way of resetting the scale without closing the sim either. Restarting the sim should reset it, though.

If you have some technical knowledge and want to avoid reinstalling the panel, you can use the built-in debugger that comes with the sim to manually set the scale.

Please advise if you want more information about the technical workaround, or if you feel like your question was not answered and I’ll do my best to help you.

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Thank you for this professional answer. I Will live with It for the time being.
Again, thanks and keep up the good work.

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In VR, I’ve run into this problem also. Scaling of the map (HE,LE, World) is defnitely off. can’t zoom in nearly as much as pre SU5 and map text is too tiny to read (i.e.-navaids, airports, airways, etc.) +/- buttons on bottom right change the window text size, not text in map (as it was before i believe). In-game panel worked perfectly prior to SU5. I think this is still technically a beta and of course SU5 brought lots of problems. Just wanted to pass along more info on apparent bugs. I’ll try to get some screenshots next time I’m flying. I’ll try reinstalling but if there are any other troubleshooting tips, I’m all ears. Thx!

Hello Philip! Welcome to the forum.

We have limited the zoom with the latest update. I will go ahead and push an update right now in order to increase the limit slightly, hope this works better for you!

This is true. It is also because of the hacky way that we currently do this, and despite speaking to the developers I have not been able to find a better solution (yet).

Here’s to hoping that we manage to find a fully working way of manipulating the scale sometime in the future!

Kind Regards,

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Thanks Malte!

I noticed last night flying an IFR that the scaling seemed much better and similar to the preSU5 state. I wonder if possibly some setting gets bugged in MSFS and can be rectified by relaunching the sim. things seem to be working well now. Thanks for all you guys do!

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