In-Game panel Res too high (Print too small)

Since SU12 made the res of all in game panels too high, coders have had to accommodate and make changes to improve readability. I am finding that I have to increase the sidebar to x2, but can’t improve the readability of the text on the map side (overlay charts are readable). Are you all working on a fix? Thanks!

Hello Ken! Sorry to hear that this is still an issue.

This is not easily fixable for us, our panel does not work in the same way that others do and cannot be fixed in the same way. We will investigate the matter as soon as possible, but in the meantime - have you turned this setting on?

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Appreciate your help. I have tried that, will take another look as I don’t recall seeing much difference.

Vr, Ken

Let me know how it works out! That option should increase the size of things on the map 2x, matching the scale that you set for the rest of the panel as far as I understand?

Thanks! You all are wonderful. Will give another try tonight .

Vr, Ken

This is with the menu set at the highest, x2.6, and Large Scale Maps. You can see the print is still quite small. Scrolling in zooms the area but not the fonts.

Whoah, what headset are you running? The resolution must be insanely high, or MSFS has broken down even more. The large-scale maps should look like the normal scale on 4K screens.

I can increase the maximum available scale value (currently 2.6), but I cannot do anything about the map at this time, unfortunately. We will definitely be on the lookout for options and/or hacks to make this work again, but we’re only guessing at this point and new updates to the simulator could break it at any point.

For reference, here is what an Interface Scale of 3 looks like in 4K in 2D MSFS:

I have now updated the panel (available next time you open it up, 8.25.2 build 2-scale-rc).
This update allows you to increase the scale to a maximum of 3.

Let me know if that helps a bit at least, as mentioned already there is not much we can do about the map at the moment!

any progress on the map? the UI scale is fine with that zoom option but the map is impossible in VR. i used to be able to just sit back couch flying with the dc6 and have great nights but the flea size map makes it really difficult to enjoy oneself. im sure im not alone.


No, we are not working on it as it is nothing we can really control. But here is a workaround:



thanks for posting that.

That workaround is working fine for me.

Vr, Ken