In Game Panel Question

When I access the in-Game panel in MSFS 2020 Store version, I see the information of the PREVIOUS flight plan that I have flown.
This is of no interest to me when I am trying to plan a NEW flight plan.
I then have to somehow find the new Origen and destination airports in the myriad of info on the in Game screen.
Can someone help me simplify this?
Thank you.

The In-Game panel will prompt you to load the current flight plan from the sim when you launch it. If you accept, it will load the exact flight plan without any additional input from you.


Did you not see this prompt?



No, I do not see that.
Below is a screenshot of what I see:


Any News???



You should see that prompt directly when loading in-game panel after starting your flight. Could you try it again please? Start a flight in MSFS, then load the in-game panel. You don’t see this?



Hello Stephen,

No I see this screen but I found a work-around:

  1. Press UNLOAD’
  2. Import Flight
  3. Import from Simbrief
  4. Select the flight
    And I am set to download and fly!

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