In-Game chart, route and PMDG 737


I am new to both Navigraph and PMDG 737.

Before purchasing PMDG 737, I was enjoying Salty 747 with Navigraph’s In-Game chart. In the chart, I could show the route I made with Simbrief.

But with PMDG 737, I have two issues.

  1. Old route appears

Every time when I fly PMDG 737, a certain previous route, with which I was enjoying Salty 747, always shows up. I can delete it manually, but it is a burden for me to delete it every time.

  1. New route cannot be loaded

I cannot show new routes in the In-Game chart. Even when I try to load it manually, the In-Game chart always says “there is no saved route with your ID” or so. (Of course, I had saved the route in advance.)

In my understanding, Salty 747 (or other airplanes like A32nx) directly access such route data from Simbrief’s server, right? In the meantime, when using PMDG 737, I need to manually save the two files, the rte file and the wx file. So I understand it is different how to load routes data between PMDG 737 and other ones. So this might be the reason, I guess. (Just in case, I have used Navigraph Navdata Center to update or install necessary data for PMDG 737.)

So I have two questions.

  1. Can we show route in the In-Game chart with PMDG 737?
  2. Can we avoid that old route always show up?

Thank you in advance.

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I suspect the “Old route appears” because you need to Generate OFP in SimBrief to get new route.

Please see my post at How to sync simbrief plan with MSFS 2020 and PMDG? - #2 by Ian.

Please le me know how you get on.



Thank you so much. Yes, every time I need to “Generate” the plan, otherwise I cannot obtain both rte file and wx file. So it means I “Generate” new routes too.

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