Importing SB FP into ASOBO B787-10/B747-8i

I’m running SIMBRIEF and MSFS2020 on a Windows 11 PC

I’m having a problem importing a flight plain into the B786-10 and the B747-8i. This was a problem before the last update!!

1)I construct the FP in Simbrief and make sure I Generate the flight!!

2)I go to the FMC and click on POS and fill in the airport.

  1. Click on ROUTE

  2. Click on REQUEST says sent but the data is not received!!

  3. Click on Index and SETTINGS!!

  4. Click on WEIGHT+BALANCE

  5. Click on SET FROM OFP

  6. The WEIGHT+BALANCE data is downloaded!!

I made sure my SIMBRIEF SETTING are correct and STATUS says ACTIVE!!

Thanks for you help!!

When you Click on Request, do you wait until the receive the following Uplink Ready message

Make sure you have correctly entered your SimBrief Pilot ID or Username into
Then press LOAD.

Please see also SimBrief Blog


That’s the problem, I never receive that Uplink message!! Yes I do have my correct Simbrief ID and it’s says ACTIVE in green. What I don’t understand is when I go to the WEIGHT+BALANCE page it loads that information into the FMC.
Thanks for your help.

That looks like MSFS is not loading the plan correctly. Try recreating the plan, generating it and loading that.

If still an issue, please upload the plan using image and we can try loading it.