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since the last downloader update the data from simbrief are not transferr to mcdu of the airplane. the f-plan gives me allways “UNTITLED”. equal of each airport, each variations of inputs. but - the loadings (passengers and baggade), as well as fuel, are funktionable.

Hi, which MCDU are you trying to import into? And what simulator? For example, are you using the FlyByWire A320 on MSFS?

Oh, sorry - yes, i use the FBW A320 on msfs. and normaly the experemental version, but today, i checked it with the development version with the same problem. I have deinstalled the downloader and installed a new one. I tried it with flightplan (simbrief) and without, also on other airports - always the same problem.

Hallo Derek, it is late in the evening - but I fixed (I hope, it is the right word) thät problem of mine. Happyly boy, when you can find the correct adress. After many trials, I closed all pages of FBW and made a clean install.
And I am happy, now the plane is in a correct state. Tausend Dank for the very fast answer.

Happy to hear you got it working, thanks for letting us know!

Best regards,

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