I'm crashing with the navdata, help

Few days ago I’m writting some navdata by my self, wich dosen’t exsist in any public AIP.
But luckily i got source data stored in .csv in my hand, and when i finsh awy data and test it, it just crashed directly (not promting any information)
so is there any cause to this?
or have any one experienced this?
thanks: )

sorry, to add data manually is not supported. Also, we have no idea where you have added it, in which sim and addon … To get the technical specifications please contact the sim or addon developer, depending what and where crashed.

Thank you very much

thanks for replying i’m sure it’s due to airway data is there a clue of what may cause crashing?

Sorry, I don’t know the format …


it’s fine
but it’s kinda annoying

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