ILS RW 22R KLGA misaligned

The ILS aligns the aircraft to the right of the runway centerline. When the aircraft is positioned on the runway at the start of a scenario by Prepar3d, it appears correctly placed according to the visuals and the ILS localizer is full right when tuned

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Two questions:

  1. Are you sure, that you really mean KLGA? Because La Guardia has no runway 22R, only one runway 22.

  2. Which aircraft do you mentioned here? This is important …

Thank you

Good day

Forgive me. It was ILS 22 to which I intended to refer. Since sending that message, I have updated to the latest update of the nav data. I flew the straight in GPS approach last night followed by the ILS. Both were perfect. Not sure what was the case before. I am a retired airline pilot, flying the MAX until end February this year. Before making my report, I was careful to fly the approach and the observe the instrument indication after landing. The problem may have been corrected in the latest nav data update or there may have been a bug in the simulator program, though the latter seems less likely.

BTW. I have been using your data for a few years and I am generally very impressed and pleased.


Kel Thompson

no problem - thank you very much for your kind feedback … I have compared the previous cycle with this cycle now and in both, the records for KLGA were identically. So, I´m also not sure, what the reason was but the ILS information for KLGA 22 was/is in both cycles (previous against current) the same.

Anyway, it´s good when it´s solved and you can enjoy your simulator again - after your hard life as airline pilot - a little bit fun … :wink:

Thanks again for your kind words, we do our best and we try this day by day :innocent:


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