ILS Localizer MMLP


I was wondering if you guys could revise the ILS for RWY 18 at MMLP (La Paz, Mexico.) The localizer is way off to the right. Here is a pic:

Thank you!

thanks for the report but this is an error in the AIP Mexico because the localizer antenna coordinates seems to be wrong.

Here the exact position from the AIP - you see that the antenna is on the right side, so they offer the wrong position:

… and here the reference from the AIP Mexico:

Sorry, Jeppesen gets the data from the the countries and in this case, the AIP is simple wrong as you see. We can´t really fix it, sorry.


Well, that sucks. Thank you for your response, and i love your products!

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Thanks for your kind words and sorry that we can’t help here. We can report it but we nor Jeppesen has really influence on it. It’s an issue of the country …

Cheers and thanks again

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