Ils lieo rwy 23

Hello, I have an issue with the ILS for runway 23 at LIEO airport. Basically, the glideslope takes me to the start of the runway and not to the touchdown zone. The problem started occurring after the AIRAC update. Is it possible to check this? Thank you very much.

I assume, the problem is the wrong runway-elevation in the stock scenery. There was a elevation change from 30 feet (which is currently set in the stock scenery) to 24 feet which is the real one. We may not change any stock scenery information, sorry.

PS: the deformation information is correct with 24 feet but I don´t know if this will be included as information in the FMC, sorry.


Thank you so much for your prompt reply! Have a nice day

Maybe because I’m still using Xplane 11?

Is there a way to solve it? Maybe there’s a way to restore the default data just for LIEO. Before the AIRAC update, it was working correctly. Thanks again.

No, not from our side, sorry.


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