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as in this thread (ILS DME threshold) already discussed, I still get a wrong ILS DME reading on different airports, although it should be fixed. It seems to display a false distance to the threshold. I added the ILS RWY 33 at EGBB as an example. I’m using the latest AIRAC 2204 rev. 2.

first of all welcome and thanks for your report. I have tried to reproduce it but I can´t … the DMEs are absolutely correct.

Used the FBW A320X (latest dev version) and AIRAC 2204 rev. 2 installed - no 3rd party addon for EGBB:

here 5.1 nm at 2000 ft - looks correct:

at 4.0 nm at 1660 ft - also correct:

at 1.0 nm at 700 ft - correct:

and last on the threshold - DME reads zero:

It looks you have some other issue as the data seems to be correct … try to remove and install the AIRAC cycle again, and/or try any other aircraft/addon which don´t use the Garmin (possible that the Garmin doesn´t work as expected).

But you see, with the FBW and I have tried the same with the PMDG 737, the DMEs are absolutely correct.


Thank you for the reply. I removed and installed the AIRAC cycle again and tested the DME on RWY 33 at EGBB again and it now shows the correct distance - in the Garmin as well as in the FBW A320X. Thank you for the advice!

No problem … Do you remove/move the community folder before any sim update? It’s unessential and results in exact such issues.

So, when you still do this in the future, remove and re-install the AIRAC after any update. Additional step but necessary when you remove/move the community folder.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback …:slight_smile:
Cheers and happy flying …

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