ILS 01 Z ZGGG wrong ILS frequency

The stock zggg have no 01-19 runway so there is no procedure show up, than I make my own airport which have three runways,finally I got every procedure works,but not the 01 ILS approach . I can select the runway 01 in destination,and the approach,but when I turned on LS button,ILS19‘s frequency(IPP) show up,instead of ILS01’s frequency(IOO).

Hi Paul,
I’m not clear what you expect now, because we don’t know anything about your scenery and what contains it?

Do you use our ILS entries or have you created your own in your scenery?


I created my own ILS in my scenery,others works fine ,only ILS01 have this problem.

As the pics shows, I can choose ILS01 frequency by hand and it works,but the mcdu give me ILS19 frequency,when in normal situation. I just wonder if this is a database issue?
Very appreciated your support.

Here is the scenery file if needed.
MSFS2020 广州白云机场 功能版.rar (72.1 KB)

Did I make myself clear?sorry for my english.

when you want to use your ILS, you should set the “deleteAllILSs” to true. Also, I have seen that you have arrivial and approaches in your file, when you want to use it, you must set “deleteAllArrivals” and “deleteAllApproaches” to true.

That means, all ILSs, Arrivial and Approaches will be disabled (if any exists) and only your information will be used. But I´m not a scenery designer and I also guess, that this is not the right forum for it, so sorry I don´t have enough experience with such designs.


Hi Richard,
I do set the “deleteAllILSs” to true, and I can use the ILS functional very well.
I set “deleteAllArrivals” and “deleteAllApproaches” to false, because I want to use navigraph’s Arrivals and Approaches. after set the content.xml, it also works.
My question is the only one Approach ILS01Z leads to IPP , this is wrong. This Approach ILS01Z should leads to IOO.
I tried other Approach like ILS02RZ lead to IDM , as they should be.
Now I think I should post under the Approach category……

This is, what I have seen in your object.bgl, therefore my assumption that you haven´t set it …

In my xml I set it true, I will repile and try again, But I don’t think it’s scenery issue,other approach works fine,only one approach have this problem.

Additional - I have seen you have one arrivial and one approach defined in your bgl. Why, when you want to use the underlying navdata (NavBlue or ours)?


You should delete it, when you don´t plan to use it … it could also be an issue.

That is just a test, I quit very quickly, I will also delete it.

Repiled, Could you please check again?
zggg-airport-scene.rar (40.4 KB)

Sorry Paul for the delay of this answer …

Have you fixed it? Is it working? When not, try to order the ILS entries (ascending 01,19,02L,20R). Possible, that this is the reason, why the sim uses the wrong ILS …


It’s actually works, I deleted 19-01 runway and rebuild 19-01 runway the issue still there, but when I deleted 19-01 runway and rebuild 01-19 runway, problem fixed. Thanks you for advise.

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