IFR to VFR flights and vice versa - select wpt where to switch

I noticed the option to now have simbrief generate Y and Z flightplans - very cool - although it has no idea where to switch. Would it be possible to have a field right next to it where, if you select Y/Z, you can pick a waypoint from where you cancel or pick up. The waypoint list could just be a dropdown menu like list with all the waypoints generated from the route that was input.

Ideally while also allowing for manual selection the desired altitude and speed after the pickup, as is required in the speed-level group at a flightrule change

Hi, will look into this. Initially, I will probably make it so that you simply enter the IFR or VFR changeover points into the route itself. For example:


In the distant future we may look into adding a UI-based selection for this.

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would be really cool too and that would indeed solve the issue as well, at the moment I still get an error message for IFR https://i.imgur.com/hnjNfwR.png

Sorry wasn’t clear, it isn’t implemented yet. But when I do add it, this is likely how it will work.

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I see, thank you for the reply