Simbrief payload issue

I created a custom aircraft to add to my SimBrief account, which conforms with the Zibo 738 in X-Plane 11. In that custom aircraft, I specified that the maximum amount of passengers should be 160, and the weight per passenger shouldI then created a flight plan, using that custom aircraft. I asked 160 passengers (the maximum amount) with 79 kgs per passenger. Then In my flight plan, I asked for 160 passengers.

I then downloaded my OFP and scrolled down to the “weights” section. It indeed said 160 passengers, but the payload was somehow still 0.0 (see attachment below). Now I’m not sure if this will actually cause problems, but I assume it could be a problem with the fuel calculations. It might not suggest me enough fuel, thinking I have no payload onboard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, you have set the “ZFW” option to 43.1 in your flight options.


If you force a ZFW of 43.1 (which is equal to the OEW of the aircraft you created), it forces the system to plan 0 payload, since the ZFW is always equal to the OEW + Payload.

If you want to set your passenger count, and have the payload be auto-calculated instead, simply keep the ZFW option set to “AUTO”.

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Hi, thanks for the quick response. That makes a lot of sense, I’ll try it later today but I’m sure you’re right. Thank you!

EDIT: It worked!

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