If a saved airframe comment starts with 0 . The comment will not show in flight planning

This is only for the new version of Simbrief. I saved some shared profiles for the 737-900ER. Two of them had the following comment in the profile “0 AUX PMDG FIRST CLASS 174” and “0 AUX PMD PMDG ECONOMY 204”. When I would go to schedule a flight under “Variant or Airframe” Those two profiles would be identically listed as “PMDG739 - B737-900” with no comment listed in parentheses next to it. I removed the 0 from the comment in the profile, and then the corrected comments showed in parentheses in the flight planning section.


Hi, thanks for the report!

This will be fixed in the next update.

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Should be fixed now in version 2.9.0.

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It’s working properly. Thank you very much!

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