Identifying the location of the aircraft

The truth is I don’t know if it has to do with the plane or the flight computer but maybe you can help me anyway
Recently, for a reason unknown to me, I am unable to update the flight computer even after I arranged the correct buttons for the current position of the plane.
I just can’t see the flight path etc. on the display in the plane

Hi Gavriel,

For which FS, which aircraft? I am guessing PMDG 737-? for MSFS?

I don’t think this is a Navigraph data issue, more an aircraft usage issue. I suggest posting your question in the relevant PMDG forum.


Ok I’ll try it
Now please help me another issue
Why I can’t enter to the Navigraph through my Android device…

Hi Gavriel,

To clarify, are you trying to log into Charts Android using details of your account which has subscription?

If so please provide screenshot of any error message.

If trying import a SimBrief flight plan, check you have created OFP in SimBrief and have your SimBrief username correctly set In Charts Android.


Hi I used the same user name and password for my Android Tablet
I can see the map and if I touch any point there is pop-up small window…
Bun still can’t get in…

Something looks very odd on your device. All the icons in the top bar are not placed correctly.

We will soon release a completely new Android app. Please use the Charts Cloud web app in your tablet’s browser until then:



Hello Mr. Stephan,
Thank you!
Waiting for your new Android Application

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