Icing and turbulence not showing

Since the recent upgrade (the one that added telemetry) the turbulence and icing displays don’t seem to work. I have seen none at any flight level in Europe or North America despite some rather heavy weather. This feature worked very well for me before the upgrade, and I used it frequently to plan my flights. A possible bug? Or do I need to do something different now to use these features? Regards, T

It looks like a bug, as a lot of others including myself are having the same problem. There is already a thread up about it in the forum.

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Thank you, I somehow missed the existing thread. For the record, I’m using a MacBook Pro with M1 chip. Works fine on my iPhone but not on the Mac.

I am moss to my friends. Just to say i use Windows 10. The bug appeared with Telemetry update. Affects turbulence and jetstream.

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Hello everyone! Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you @airmalta10 for referencing that thread. Please take a look at its last post now for more details and a temporary workaround!

I will close this thread, so please post any further questions or updates in the other one. We will also update it once the update is released!

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