How to use Navigraph on Flightgear?

Hello everyone,

I just bought a subscription of Navigraph. But it seems it doesn’t recognize my FlightGear sim, as the Navigraph Navdata Center simply says ‘‘No simulator detected’’.

So, I turned to my FG official community to ask them help, because I know some of them use Navigraph on the sim, specially the A320neo, the best-well-developed aircraft on the sim’s hangar.

Then, they asked me to head to this page:

Route manager - FlightGear wiki

The page basically teaches you how to use your bought Navigraph subscription, by adding the LEVEL-D files, which are the only ones that work with Flightgear. But I was unsuccessful doing so.

So, I’d like to ask you help, because I fly through this sim a lot, and using VATSIM, and of course, I don’t want to do anything against Navigraph’s policies nor damage my sim/computer.

Also, I’d like to ask: Is it possible for me to work together with Navigraph to solve this issue by sending my data to help Navigraph develop a subscription that works fine with Flightgear?

Thank you very much for your help!



Hi Alexandre,
in the instruction there is no word about the Navigraph Navdata Center, which is only be used for update the MSFS and the MSFS addons.

As in the instruction, download the LevelD manual installer from the webpage (Navdata Manual Installation) and follow the instructions in your screenshot. For more or detail installation instructions please contact the devs because we only offer the data. We have no direct support for the Flightgear, sorry …


Thank you very much for your support Richard!

Well, could please tell me where can I take contact with the devs?

I don’t have any direct contact because we don’t official support it and I haven’t enough knowledge with Flightgear but possible you find a more or less professional answer in their forum, sorry.


Well, I give a try talking to them. But I sent an email to the Navigraph’s Team as well.

… I haven seen it and I’m from the Navigraph team. The answer is the same, we have no direct contact to Flightgear nor have they contacted us with a request to provide Flightgear with data.

So, we don’t support it and we can’t say what files you need and in which location, sorry.


Ok, understand, thanks.

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