How to delete navigraph data from Aerosoft CRJ

I am currently having an issue with the CRJ fms misquoting route distances. I need to uninstall the “manually” installed navigraph data for the addon, so I can revert to the default Lufthansa database. Hopefully I can then see if it’s navigraph data causing the issue. How do I uninstall this data?

Thank you.

edit: Having looked at the navigraph terminology again, I believe this is the wrong forum - please move if so.

I have just deleted the CRJ addon, from the content manager and will download again. I hope this will do it.

This is navdata provider independent … You will see the same result with the default data.

Thanks for replying, Richard.

So it’s an issue with the CRJ? I’ll head over to Aerosoft is so. I didn’t see anything about it, on their bug forum.

Possible, we are speaking from different things. Have you more details or an example

When I land at my destination, there’s still a lot of miles (usually a 100NM+) left on the fms remaining distance calculation, it is nowhere near congruent, with what I see in the navigraph app (including the sids and stars). I have been loading my fms through simbrief, if that makes a difference. The remaining distance is not shown on the plan, on the “plot lines”. It just makes things difficult, when I’m trying to work out distance to my destination, for flaps etc.

I can’t really follow, do you mean DME (because you wrote something with flaps).

Another request:
Please can you upload an example flightplan and a screenshot of the FMC at the end, where I cam see that additional miles?

Thank you

I’m not tuned to any DME, as far as I’m aware. You may mean something else, I’m not very good with the aviation terminology. I will upload an example, when I get the time. Thank you for your assistance, Richard.

@Exile89 . Do you mean you don’t see on FMC any distance to go? If so, it is possible unless you provide data to the landing. You just have to select a right STAR and FMS will show you the distance to the arrival airport.