How to create flight plans to former airports eg. PJON

For example PJON has been closed but can be added back through add-ons. Simbrief doesn’t recognize the code. VHHX remains valid even though it no longer exists in real life.

the former airport Kai Tak (VHHX, which is a deigned airport code from us) is a special one, due the famous approach and also the landscape.
Normally, we don’t add closed airports to the real world database, sorry.


Hi, Its already in the Charts database, its showing the long runway 23/05, taxiway and apron, at 164351N1693147W

I can’t found PJSON in the charts … Can you post a screenshot, that we see this airports in our charts?

As I have written, normally we don’t offer any outdated/closed airports - not in the data nor in our charts app.

So, I’m little suprised that you see one … So please a screenshot of our app, where we see the charts because I can’t find it here.

Thank you

The code is PJON not PSJON. I posted the coordinates already, at 164351N1693147W which you can copy and paste into the text flight plan editor to bring it up easily. I created a User Waypoint for it.

Here is the screenshot.

Ah ok - sorry the S was wrong …

But also PJON doesn´t exist in charts because you can´t search for this airport code nor do you have charts for it … the reason why you see it is simple that the airport still “exists” on the paper (or better sat images).

As a minimum reference you must search for the airport icao code. When this code doesn´t exist you know, that this airport is closed and/or outdated.

Sorry, PJON is a closed airport and as you see (no result when you search it) not in the data.


What about SCFX airport? Its open, yet its not listed. The runway is there but without a code.

Seems to be a military only airport …


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