How do the Navdatas Reconcile with re-addition of Meigs Field?

Hi Folks,

I think I know the answer, but I’d like to make sure - how does Navigraph reconcile the 40th Anniversary re-addition of a historic but non-existent field like Meigs in Chicago? I can see it in the World Planner, but I was surprised as such since I’ve got Navigraph loaded, which is obviously a current AIRAC that doesn’t have the field. Thanks!

Hi Amando,
I would include when I could, but I haven’t found any data for this airfield. I have looked around in the world wide net but haven’t found anything. Possible someone has an old DAFIF source dataset somewhere (AIRAC 2003 or better earlier). I haven’t found anything, sorry.


PS: when someone has such old DAFIF source file, please contact us :wink:

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Thanks Richard as always!

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