How do I view my SimBrief plan and Navigraph Charts in the PMDG UFT (EFB)

To view SimBrief Flight Plan:

  • In SimBrief, make sure you have Created and Generated a Flight Plan.
  • Toggle the UFT visibility through the CDU on the PMDG 737 series. Click the “MENU” key on the scratchpad, then click the line select keys for PMDG SETUP/AIRCRAFT/EQUIPMENT. Use the “PREV PAGE” key on the scratchpad to get to page 16. Now set the Flight Tablet to ON using line select key L4.
  • Press Ctrl-9 to display UFT.
  • Click on Electronic Flight Bag
  • Press General Preferences icon image
  • Press Save Preferences
  • Press Flight Details icon image
  • Press Request Data from Simbrief
  • The Flight you Generated in SimBrief should be loaded.
  • The OFP can be viewed by clicking on the OFP Icon image

To view Navigraph charts:

  • Ensure you have an Unlimited subscription from Navigraph,
  • Press General Preferences icon image
  • Choose Navigraph Authentication Sign In
  • Follow instructions to Authenticate
  • Press Navigraph Charts icon image
  • Enter Airport ICAO code
  • Select APT/SID/STAR/APP/REF and chart.