Hong Kong CC NDB 360

You were so understanding of my request to retain CC NDB (frequency 360) on Cheung Chow in the MSFS database and now flying that in the PMDG DC6 is back to “normal”.
I’ve also been flying the Felis 747-200 in X-Plane 11, which also needs a reference on Cheung Chow. Sure, it can be programmed into the INS but it would be great if you could put CC back in the X-Plane and maybe the P3D databases also.
Thank you for your kind consideration.
Chris Stanley.

Hi Chris,
sorry - yes there was a small export issue in 2111 with the tailored records. This is fixed in the upcoming AIRAC 2112 and therefore you can expect the CC NDB back with 2112, sorry for that - by the way we don´t update the P3D database, so there is no update available, sorry.


That’s terrific news Richard and thank you.
For P3D we are fortunate that the 737 and 744 have FMS navigation so it still works with your VHHX SIDs and STARs.
Thanks again.

Hi, I have discovered that I no longer have any SID/STARs available in PMDG 777 (P3D) since updating to 2113. Is this to do with the runways being renamed in Hong Kong? Other airports work normally.

Many thanks

Followed the FAQ advice: FAQ - PMDG B777/747/737NGXu FMC Runways Not Available ?