After update, SIDs, STARs, and approaches unvailable for some airports

On FSX and P3D, after updating the PMDG 777 with Navigraph to the latest update, when I try to plug in airports such as VHHH, KORD, SBGR, SCEL, and RKSI, I get a message like “VHHH ERR: 07C RWY N/A” in the scratchpad of the CDU. There are no SIDs, STARs, approaches or runways in the FMS. I tried updating the VHHH airport with Orbx in P3D to no effect. How do I get these airports to function again? Is there an additional update I need to get from somewhere? VHHH and RKSI had been fine in previous updates several months ago. The problem seems to coincide with airport runway changes.

Hi Bryan,


Please see FAQ - PMDG B777/747/737NGXu FMC Runways Not Available


Sweet! That worked like a charm on P3D!

Thanks for your time Ian!

Further details: Deleing the runway file then restarting brought back the original runway configuration, approaches, SIDs, and STARs. Running a quality airport update, and repeating the process of deleting the runway file brought the new runway configuration to the FMS with approaches, SIDs and STARs.

Hi Bryan,

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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