High Resolution “Small” Screens

I’m fully aware that the Navigraph teams are working on implanting Chart V8 for Android/iOS on smaller screens.
However, I don’t want to lose sight of this topic, as each and every day I lament the loss of Navigraph charts on my mobile device.
I’m simply and politely looking for an update on progress?
In the interim and in terms of viability, is it possible to restore online chart access as before prior to V8 for the purposes of chart perusal and route planning?
Saving routes isn’t necessary, as the routes can be saved as these can be copied in textual format for use when at the sim.
Thank you.

It’s worrying when a post such as this is ignored by the site’s host.
It invokes speculative thinking and user distress. Look at it this way, chart access was a given through all iterations of Navigraph subscriptions, that is until V8. So, for the same money, we are now getting less, which in turn will eventually beg the question of rebate.
For the amount of subscribers Navigraph, more responsiveness is expected.


Sorry for overlooking this post. But I did answer another topic on the same day as your original posting. See here: Unsupported screen size - #18 by stephen

No we are not able to provide a mobile app with partial functionality unfortunately. Everything is very integrated. The file export function is just a very small part of the entire feature set. But rest assured it is our top priority and we plan to have something available in the coming weeks.

Kind regards,


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Hi Stephen,
Thank you, I really appreciate your prompt reply to my uneasy retort, for which I apologise without reservation, though it was born of the interim disquiet. Now, however, I feel assured that it is in hand.
For the record, mobile use of Navigraph charts was put to good use by me each and every day, hence I long for its return.
Best wishes, with apologies,

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Thank you, I absolutely and unequivocally appreciate your ongoing support with iOS.
I will do my best to feedback in a timely and precise manner.

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