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I think that V8 is a massive improvement, so thank you.
No doubt you’ve been inundated by requests to restore cloud chart access and functionality to smaller iPhone screens, so here’s my take on it.
Allowing me to create routes and flights on my diminutive iPhone helped me keep my sanity whilst away from my simpit, so the sooner you restore functionality, even temporarily as an interim solution, the better for my mental health.
Even if we don’t save routes or cross over to V8, users can still plan to then copy/paste from the route description into V8.
To be clear, there exists a serious side to my plea, it’s not just tongue in cheek. I miss it already.
You may be a while developing access for iPhones, so do please give restoring access some serious thought.

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Not being able to acces V8 on an iPhone iOS screen has become a real issue for me, and I suspect for others too.
So, is there any way to run Navigraph Charts V8 on an iPhone perhaps by “tricking” the app into thinking it’s on an iPad, or possibly a browser setting such as “Desktop Site” that might allow even rudimentary access?
Would using a large format iPhone such as a 10 provide enough screen real-estate?
There are no alternatives; for instance, SkyVector text and data are far too small to run adequately on an iPhone, unless others know of a workaround.

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There is a ETA for the mobile phone update? I used to use it all the time while on autopilot, and away from my computer…

Please bring it back, since we pay for the increased price subscription, it should be possible to track with phone (even with older interface for the time beeping)

Thanks in advance

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It is a high development priority. Please see High Resolution “Small” Screens - #3 by stephen and Unsupported screen size - #18 by stephen.

Thank you for your patience.


Hi guys,

We’ve now started the public beta of the mobile app. Please check out the link below if you’d like to try it out!

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Great news :smiley:

Thanks for the follow up!

Pass the word that the new update is ALSOME !!!

Would recommend anytime

Great dev team!!!

Alain Larouche

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