Help please- Proper use with Pilot2ATC

I have for a long time used these two products together, but I find I have to delete the SIDs and STARs before I feed it into P2ATC or I end up with double waypoints and a general mess. My workflow looks like this:
1- Generate a plan in Simbrief (by Navigraph) :wink:
2- Import that plan into Navigraph
3- Delete the SIDs and STARs, and export the plan to a file.
4- Re-import that plan so that my Navigraph plane includes them.
5- Import the SID and STAR free version of the plan into P2A, and use it normally from there.

By doing it that way, I avoid all the double waypoints, but then P2A just completely takes over both SID and STAR selection, as well as the requested runway, and I find that more often than not, it’s not at all what was in my original plan.

I figure there has to be a better way, and that I’m just doing it the “dumb way” without knowing any better.

Can anyone help me out with this conundrum?



Unfortunately I’ve never used Pilot2ATC, so I can’t really help from that side of things. I think they have a support forum in the Avsim forums, maybe try asking this question over there? A few SimBrief users are probably on there and might be able to share how they do it.

The only thing I can add is that SimBrief also has a way to directly export a .pln (I think that’s what Pilot2ATC uses?) without the SID/STAR, you can find it in the list under “FSX/P3D (No SID/STAR)”. Not sure if this is helpful or not, maybe it can save you a step and speed up your process slightly since you wouldn’t need to import into Navigraph, modify, export, then re-import.

You could also use the SimBrief Downloader program to automatically export the “FSX/P3D (No SID/STAR)” format to the Pilot2ATC plans folder (if such a thing exists) to save having to manually download it.

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