Helicopter charts for MSFS2020?

Does NaviGraph offer, or are you planning to offer US helicopter charts in a moving map format, for use with MSFS2020? I fly helicopters in VR mode in FS2020 with the HPG H135/H145 which integrates the GTN-750. I would like to have geo-referenced helicopter charts as a moving map on the GTN-750 when flying in VR. Heliport and airport helipad info would also be great (also to use as waypoints).

Hello Wayne! Welcome to the forum.

We do provide plates for helicopter-specific procedures, see the example below. We have made attempts to add helipads that are missing in the MSFS data, but we have not included anything in the data yet.

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Any plans to add helicopter route charts?

We are looking into it for the future for sure!