Helicopter Friendly Flight Planning

We shall use your suggestion for potential enhancements and new functionality. So, please be as detailed as you can.

At present moment you can only plan a flight from airport to airport which is not very practical when changing plans mid flight or from places such as fields/hospitals/points of interests.

With the increasing number of people flying helicopters in MSFS and simulating medical flights. The majority if these to and from helipads, fields, roads, hospitals and even changing destination and plan mid-flight.

It would be great to be able to either place the first waypoint on your destination i.e a field and the route be planned from your aircraft current location with it synced up to navigraph much like apps such as foreflight.

Alternatively a waypoint could be placed with the hold of a finger/click of a mouse at any point on the map as a starting point (using it as your current location) and another at the destination forming a route.

This would make it much easier for those of us flying this genre of missions within the sim making navigraph a great tool in doing so.

This can then be exported via PLN file and uploaded into programs such as PMS750.

Thank you

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Badly need this feature