GNS 530 shows Database Expired even after install

I have searched the forums for this issue but cannot find anything that helps. My problem is this: after installing the FMS data manager into Xplane 11, my Realsim Gear RXP 530/430 still shows “Database Expired” on start up. I did the automatic install in the FMS data manager.
I thought this might be erroneous but when trying to fly actual approaches, I see multiple examples of various airports with the wrong (way outdated) fixes, headings, and approach names.
I ran the “add-on mapping” and added the “430” data add-on but this did not help.
Any ideas anyone?

have you looked on this tutorial?

Hope that helps, it should :wink:

Hi Richard,
No help, my opening screen on my 530 still says database expired 2016.
Ian previously had given me a suggestion to uninstall and delete files and reinstall. I did that again but no good.

Just to check, I loaded an approach and checked the waypoints against the current Jeppesen chart and the waypoints were different.
What should I try next?

Hi Richard,
I just noticed something interesting that might be related to my problem. I purchased only the NavData from Navigraph and not the charts because I have Foreflight on my Ipad that I use for displaying approach plates. That is where I notice the approach fixes in my RXP 530 on Xplane 11 don’t match the fixes on the current Jeppesen approach charts in Foreflight.
However, I do notice the current fixes to exist on my RXP 530 in Xplane when I search for them individually. Could it be I need to purchase the Navigraph charts subscription as well?

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