GNS 530 navigation data does not appear

I am using to run the Beechcraft Baron 58 aircraft with a GNS 530 but the navigation data is not updated with the FMS DATA MANAGER



For which FS? Is this is a default aircraft? Any hardware or software addons?

Please advise in detail what steps have you taken to update the Navdata, preferably with screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots.


hello, it is the x-plane 11, it is a plane bought on the x-plane page with the garmin 530 incorporated

the steps that were performed to install the navigation data
1-Install Navigraph FMS Data Manager
2-install x-plane 11 (11.50+)

the messages that appear on the x-plane 11 are as follows:


The error message from X-Plane in English is:

"Procedures cannot be loaded

Missing waypoint RW02R at SCIE

Missing clues must be reported to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway. Click “Learn More” to fill out an automatic report."

This is an X-Plane Scenery issue and not a Navigraph issue. I loaded X-Plane at SCIE without this error so I suspect you have an addon scenery causing the error. You can confirm by removing the addon scenery.


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