GNS 530 missing approaches

There are two RNAV approaches into Shoreham , both detailed in charts, but only one shows in the WT GNS530. The sim is updated . Just wondering if this is an issue with the GNS 530?

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and welcome here at Navigraph … I don´t know if this is an GNS530 issue, but I have checked your report. We have both RNAV approach in our data and also in the MSFS data. You can check this very simple, via the WorldMap because the WorldMap uses exactly the same data as the GNS530.

Here, when I plan a flight into Shoreham via the WorldMap - you can select the RNAV 02 and 20 approach (using the current cycle AIRAC 2213 and the default stock scenery for EGKA):

So, it looks like it´s a GNS530 issue, when you only see one RNAV approach but it´s not a navdata issue, because both approaches are included in the MSFS AIRAC dataset.

Hope that helps - HAPPY NEW YEAR :fireworks:

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