GIKPU waypoint missing over SK Colombia

GIKPU waypoint missing over SK Colombia and everytime I have to use it, it refers me to
The following waypoint that is located in brazil

The following are the coordinates for GIKPU (Colombia) , Can you please add it in the next version?

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You’ll need to stipulate which sim platform, addon affected and AIRAC cycle.

Certainly GIKPU is listed for Columbia in the PMDG data set.

This is for FSX steam, AEROSOFT 320 AIRAC CYCLE 2109,
Thank you


I have tested this in FSX with the Aerosoft A320 and get following in their FMC:

You see GIKPU is included in the Aerosoft Airbus also - sorry, I can´t reproduce it. Are you sure, that you have select the correct database in the AS Airbus? I have checked the cycle before too, also here GIKPU was included.


Thank you Richard, I updated the Nav files again and it is now showing. For some reason it was not showing in the first files I got.

Thank you for the quick response.


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Great, no problem - good that is fixed now :wink:

Happy flying and don´t hesitate to contact us again, if you have any further question …


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