Getting a error message

everytime i try to open my flight plans in the navigraph, am getting this message. Syntaxerror: unexpected token u in Json at posistion 0.

what does that mean?.



How have you created these flightplans?
Please upload one with the error.


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I’m getting the same thing now.

I was using Navigraph just fine this morning. I only every create flight plans directly in Navigraph. I tried to make my flight from YMES to YSSY. I also noticed when I type in the Departure or arrival airport ICAO it comes up with 2 identical suggestions.



I’m getting exactly the same thing as described above.

Same, looks like the server could be down. Search timing out also. :-1:

Hi guys,
we are currently changing the AIRAC cycle to 2107, therefore please be patience … should be back normal in a few minutes.

Thanks Richard - looks all good now

Thanks, but we are not finished 100% - so, it could be that you get still any issue in the next minutes. There are a lot of tasks parallel running during such update and that takes time, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter - not all depends on our side :wink:

But it should be finished soon.

Thank you,

Update finished now- we must update the tiles in the charts again (all airports signs are double) - but that takes time and is more or less “cosmetic”. Route-/flight planning is working as expected … thank you!


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