Gate Numbers on charts

Is there any way to display gate numbers in the taxi charts available within the app or on the website as I am having real difficulty matching the stand numbers you display to the gate numbers being given to me by Vatsim ATC and MSFS 2020.

I bought a Navigraph subscription as I thought it was an all in one solution to navigating around airports and because of its integration with the Microsoft Sim but I am having to revert back to the free Little Navmap application to find my way to a gate at every airport which, if this is the way it is, entirely defeats the purpose and value of this paid product.



Gates info are in the FS’s scenery and not updated by our AIRAC’s.
Our Charts are provided by our real world provider and are not modified by Navigraph. Any gates info is not separately accessible by our Charts app.

We currently don’t update gates or taxiways but might do this in the future. But in the meanwhile most users use our Moving Maps function to correlate the data in the sim with the real world charts, at airports where the MSFS data is not accurate to the real world.

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