FVRG built-in airport double runway

at Harare international FVRG (built-in airport) there are double runways when Navigraph is installed. Is there any way to fix this?

Without Navigraph

With Navigraph

and you can confirm, that when you use the stock navdata (means without Navigraph), that you can select really FVRG?

I ask because I don’t find this airport without our data, I only fund the old airport code FVHA.

FROM is from MSFS (outdated airport ICAO code) - right TO, our airport ICAO code (the real one):

So in this case, please report this to ASOBO/MS because they offer an outdated ICAO code and therefore the MSFS means it´s a different airport.

Can you confirm that? You can select FVRG without our data installed?


Hi Richard, I can confirm its an issue with the code mismatch. I had just typed in Harare and did not notice the different code. Rare instance of an airport changing code. I will just uninstall navigraph when I want to fly to/from this airport.

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