FS2020 not in the default position

Please, excuse my poor English

I write to you because I have not found the correct forum
My Flight Simulator 2020 is not installed in the default directory.,
So I have done the installation of Simelink update 1.1 33-2810, but I do not know where is it.
Now, the installer, every few momente tells to me: β€œ there is an update of navigraph simelink. Would you love to download the update now?”
So, I wish to know on what directory I have to put the update.

Another thing. After the installation the driver of my Thumbmaster joystick is out of order, so I can not change the profile of joystick.
I was forced to change the joystick. My old Logitech joystick is working well., without problems
There a way to overcome such difficulty?

Many thanks
Vittorio Giordano
Rome, Italy

Hi! Welcome to our forum!

A couple things before we get started:

  • The location where the simulator is installed does not matter to Simlink
  • Simlink is updated through an installer, that is downloaded if you answer yes in the mentioned prompt
  • Installing Simlink would never have any effect on your installed joystick drivers

So, to answer your question(s):

Simlink should have opened a web browser and started the download of a new Simlink installer for you. Once this is complete, you should only need to run said installer and it will update Simlink!
You do not need to place the downloaded file anywhere special, you just have to run it :sunglasses:

This is not something that we can help with, unfortunately. The fact that the Thrustmaster joystick stopped working when you installed Simlink is purely a coincidence! Try reinstalling the driver of the joystick and restarting your computer, Simlink won’t affect the situation!

I hope it works out for you and that the issue is fixed!

Kind Regards,

Many thanks for your answer. Ok I spalle reinstall the driver of joystick.
Bestia regards
Vittorio Giordano

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