Freezing when selecting Waypoint "BORDI" in MCDU

whenever I set the waypoint “BORDI” in the MCDU (A32NX 0.6.1) the simulator freezes completely. All SID/STAR as well as AIRWAYS that are connected to the waypoint “BORDI” trigger this phenomenon.
Only a simulator restart will help. Any ideas?

Hi Olaf,
sorry, I can´t reproduce it here with the current AIRAC 2104 installed - using also FBW A320 latest release (0.6.1). I can enter BORDI without any freezing or crash … no probs. Sorry, but it looks any other things on your system produce this freeze.

Here the FMC after I enter BORDI and committed/executed …


it’s a little strange. i waited now. After 2 minutes!!! the MCDU responded again.
Of course I had not waited that long before. Very strange thing.
Thank you anyway for the quick reply.

Hi Olaf,

I concur with Richard.

I can enter BORDI after LOWW without crashes/delays using FBW 0.6.1, AIRAC 2104