FP No Longer Recentering

Hello! My FP has always shown “centered” in the Map view upon setting up/loading. In the last day or two, something changed and now the default view goes to just off the Western coast of Africa every time. Did I somehow change something, or is this a Navigraph issue? I appreciate any info or insight!

  • Mike

Could you paste your flight plan here? You can use the Export → Copy to clipboard function to cooy it.


I had drafted a quick reply and was about to attach a FP… decided to see if it replicated on another PC - it didn’t. Went back to my FltSim PC and it has stopped there as well. I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m scratching my head on this one. It appeared for 3 days and is now gone without any software changes. ??
Again, thanks for your time & support!

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