Airfield charts to assist with taxi routes

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Firstly thank you for the recent chart upgrades which are excellent.

When attempting to assess the taxi routes for take off and landing it is often difficult to find the appropriate chart in the taxi section. I wonder whether it would be possible to either:

  1. Place the main airport diagram always at the top of the list of charts in the taxi section or
  2. Colour code the airport diagram so that it is easier to find from the list.

This would be a great help, especially after landing at a strange airport and having to try to follow the correct assigned routing.

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In the list under Taxi, there is usually only one entry that has a Charts icon (two sheets atop each other) - that’s the Taxi Chart.

For example KBOS - there are three Charts - one nominal (which would be mostly used), one for low visibility and one specific to A380 operators. All others are textual information notices.

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@galeair146 Here’s a trick you can use. If you zoom in close enough on an airport when viewing the enroute map, it will load the moving map version of the taxi diagram, with you aircraft’s position overlaying the taxi diagram, complete with taxiway and gate identification info.


Now after doing that you can return to any other chart you need for the arrival, STARs, approach charts, etc etc. Then when you are safely on the ground and off the runway, simply close the open chart in the top corner, and the taxi diagram will be presented again.

This “Moving Map” diagram as we call it, is actually what we use in the real Jeppesen Flight Deck Pro app for taxi guidance, as opposed to the traditional looking chart page. A cool feature of Jepp FD Pro is it can automatically change to this screen when slowing through a set speed, such as 100kts, so we don’t even have to press anything.

I wonder if Navigraph Charts could read the FS data through SimLink and implement a similar feature?

Hi All,

Thanks for the great tips. Unfortunately I was not specific enough when I made my request. I normally fly the Bae146 and select the appropriate charts from the EFB. These are simply listed without any additional icons to assist, and it is also slightly difficult to scroll down the list while flying or taxying, which is why I was asking for a revision to the selection list. Perhaps I should be asking Just Flight to change their system? But thanks for the tips.


Right, in this case you should contact Just Flight who made this charts integration.

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