FMS Prep3D

I loaded the latest FMS Data Manager and followed the instructions but Prepar3D is not present in the main windows.
The reason is the installation path Prepare3D is installed (C: \ Program Files \ lokheed Martin \ Prepar3Dv5).
So when the program scans your computer it doesn’t find the right path.
1- Or something must be corrected in the FMS program.
2- Or it is added to the Prepar3D list, in the manually installation
4- Or add the Browser item
Thaks Silvano

Hi Silvano,


In FMS Data Manager Settings make sure the Prepar3D v5 path is where you have Prepar3D.exe located.

In Addon Mappings you can Scan for any Prepar3D v5 addons. We don’t update Prepar3D v5 itself. So there isn’t a separate entry for Prepar3D v5 as there is for X-Plane 11.


Dear Ian, thanks for the reply.

The following programs are installed on my computer:





In the “setting” page there are all 5, with the relative paths.

while on the main page of the program you will find FSTramp and XPlane11. I tried to scan but everything remains the same. I’m not an expert, what do you suggest.

Thanks, always Happy New Year


Hi Silvano,

Happy New Year.

Using Guide to posting Screenshots

Please post screenshot of your Settings tab showing FSX, Prepard3Dv5 and X-Plane paths:

Please post screenshot of your Addon Mappings tab showing and FSX and Prepard3Dv5 addons, and X-Plane 11:

Please post screenshot of your Addon List tab showing all items:

Please advise the problem you have ?


possible we misunderstood you but we don´t have any update for the stock data of P3Dv5, only for P3Dv5 addons. Therefore you will not see P3Dv5 on the main screen like the X-Plane entry.


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