FMS data x crafts Embraer 170 xplane 12

Can something please be done to include the Embraer 170 X crafts for xplane 12 for the nav data (airac cycle)? The nav data is out of date and I’m unable to fly SIDS and STARS without up to date data. If it is already included please show me how to access it.



In FMS Data Manager Settings page,

Make sure you have the latest Version:

Make sure X-Plane 12 path is correct.

In Addon Mappings page, select and Remove X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 addons. Press Save, Scan and Save again.

You should have the following detected:

In Addon List page, select X-Plane 12 and X-Plane addons including X-Plane GNS430…X-Crafts Embraer E175/195… and press Update


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