FMS Data Manager Re-install

Trying to re-install FMS Data Manager and I get the following error message pop up “The drive or UNC share you selected does not exist or is not accessible. Please select another.”

The installer does not give me a choice to select any drive or drives.

Running on a Windows 10 system

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can you post a screenshot, what you’re entered in the path during the setup?

Thank you

Here are some screenshot of the installer.

Screenshot (5)
Screenshot (6)

The installer does not give me an option to select a drive to install to


Try some of the suggestions at Cannot insall FMS Data Manager - "Drive or UNC you select does not exist"


from which location do you start the setup exe? Is this a network drive, a mapped drive?

Try to move tbe setup.exe to your local drive and run it from there.


Thank you for the replies.

Taking Ian’s suggestion I looked at the previous post with a similar issue.

I was able to correct the problem by using RegEdit and deleting anything associated with the FMS Data Manager.

I now have my FMS Data Manager back



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