FMS Data Manager off screen

I am unable to access the full FMS Data Manager window, nor to close it, as the right hand side of it is off my desktop. Also, it does not have a facility to click at the top of the window to move it around the desktop, that would be the easiest way to resolve the issue. Please would you make the window moveable



  1. Close the FMS Data Manager
  2. Delete the complete C:\ProgramData\Navigraph\FMSClient folder
  3. Restart the FMS Data Manager

Hopefully this will reset your screen.


Hello Ian

Unfortunately it does not solve the issue

you mean, when you delete this folder and restart the FMS Data Manager, you mean the window position is then on the same position?


Yes, after following the instrructions it still opens partly off the screen and cannot be moved. It can only be closed by using Task Manager. See attached just taken.
The easiest solution is to maker your window moveable.

The window is moveable but you don’t see the title bar … Which screen-resolution do you use? Or have you increase the font scaling in the windows settings?


Thanks. I adjusted the screen to 1600x1024 from 1920x1080 and I can now see it all !

Oh great - thanks for your feedback and let us know, whenever you have a question.


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