FMS Data Manager (MacOS) crashes on starting with macOS Big Sur

Good day.

First use of FMS DM with macOS BigSur (v11.0.1). Access granted as requested, then starting halts on “Gathering your information…” and the app becomes unresponsive. Re-installed FMS DM after a new download (v : same issue.

Thanks for your help !

Hello Eric! Welcome to the new forum!

We appreciate your feedback, which has been forwarded to the developers who are investigating the issue. Preliminary reports indicate that this is a compatibility issue.

Again, thanks for the report and apologies for any inconvenience caused!

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Kind reminder, as I am now 2 cycles late…
Thanks for your help and happy new year to everyone at Navigraph !!
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Hello Eric!

Don’t fret - our developers are still working on it. We had issues with Simlink on Big Sur as well which have now been solved. Hopefully, the solution will apply to the FMS Data Manager too!

I will advise as soon as our developers have made more progress!

Happy New year! :tada:


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Hello Malte ! I hope you’re doing well !
I understand that this issue is not the easy one and I’m sure the developers do their best to solve it. In the mean time, is there a possibility to update manually the FMS data on my add-ons ?
Thank you and best regards.

Of course! Should have told you about it from the beginning, my bad sorry.

You can manually download FMS Data for any product from the FMS Data Manual Installation dropdown in your account downloads on!

Do you still experience this problem with FMS Data Manager on Big Sur? I am unable to reproduce the issue with the latest version installed. If you do, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open finder and press Cmd ⌘+ Shift+ G
  2. Type ~/navigraph/fms-manager/logs in the prompt that shows up
  3. Attach any relevant logs found in the folder (presumably the latest one) to your next post

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