FMS Data for Hawker 4000


I want to fly the Laminar Hawker 4000 V1.2 after a long time, but FMS Data are outdated.

In x-plane 11.50 Log.txt I found:

===>> Tekton Functions: CURRENT AIRAC CYCLE 1901 Effective date: 03JAN30JAN/19. Replaces AIRAC Cycle 1813 dated 06DEC02JAN/19

===>> Tekton Functions: Airports Path: E:\X-Plane 11/Custom Data/GNS430/navdata/Airports.txt
===>> Tekton Functions: Airways Path: E:\X-Plane 11/Custom Data/GNS430/navdata/ATS.txt
===>> Tekton Functions: Procedures Path: E:\X-Plane 11/Custom Data/GNS430/navdata/Proc/

Then I read the text below on Checklist for Updating Aircraft for X-Plane 11 | X-Plane Developer

The Navdata files Airports.txt, Navaids.txt, Waypoints.txt and ATS.txt as well as the Proc/ICAO.txt files no longer ship with X-Plane. If your aircraft requires those files, please make sure to notify Navigraph/Aerosoft so they can make a package for you.

Is it possible to make a package for me as mentioned above or is there an other solution?


Hi Hermann,

Those files are included in X-Plane GNS430 which you download from FMS Manual Installs :

Unzip (retaining paths) to
…your X-PLANE 11\Custom Data\GNS430

Please let us know how you get on.


Thank you, Ian,

for this quick and helpful response. I could download and install the files as suggested.

Nevertheless there is one problem remaining: e.g. Hawker FMS shows other SIDs at YMML than Navigraph Charts. The same problem at STARs at YMHB.


What is the reason for the differences?

With regard

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