FMS Data and P3D ver 4.4

Hi all. Newbi here. Stupid question follows. If I update FMS data via Data manager will the updated airac cycle update the data in my FS (P3D 4.4) to be used in GPS systems in P3D aircraft or does the FMS manager just update addons?

See the FAQ Topic

I did. I just wanted some confirmation since IM knew at this. So I assume by the FAQ post if FMS doesn’t update airac cycles to be used in my FS aircraft and fsaerodata is quitting in DEC 2021 where do I go to update my data in p3d? Any help will be appreciated.

Next question. So I assume if I buy a jet addon that has a FMC then I could use this site to update data to that particular addon aircraft so the FMC would have current up to date sids/stars/approches and so forth?

Last question. If the answer is yes to next question above, what is a good biz jet model that FMS manager will recognize as a addon?

  1. You’ll see the FAQ links to Herve Sors and not FS Aerodata :wink:

  2. Yes provided the add-on supports those functions

  3. The NG supported add-ons are listed HERE, you’ll need somebody else’s advice for a biz jet

Thanks. I may have to fly big jets like everyone else, LOL