AIRAC Updates

I am unable to update FSX addon aircraft to current cycle 2308. FSX “tools” such as AS2016, Top Cat, and etc do update. P3Dv4 aircraft also update.

FSX aircraft PMDG, Aerosoft. Quality Wings, Level D, and such do not. last successful update was 2306. Some file corruption occured within FSX and it was necessary to do a repair.

I un-installed Acceleration performed the repair using the original CDs and re-installed Acceleration. Everything works as it should except for AIRAC aircraft updates. I un-installed FMS Data Manager, downloaded latest version, and re-installed. Tried updating the addon folders manually- no-go. The cycle update runs however FSX aircraft show yellow with update 2306 showing in the boxes.


This maybe because of residual FSX file and registry issues.

I suggest a fresh install using the exact procedures at FMS Data Manager - No active Internet Connection - #2 by Ian.

In FMS Data Manager,

In Settings tab, check your FSX path is correct.

In Addon Mappings check the addon aircraft have been detected.
If not, use +Add to add the missing addon aircraft


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